Sidney Starr

Hi, I'm Sidney Starr!  Thank you for stopping by and looking at my adult personal.  I am a 23 year old ameteur porn star who's ready to share my wildest secrets with you.  I am beautiful, fun, energetic and personable.  If you are in search of a hot, wild, young thing, then search no further.  I am looking for a sugar daddy who will spoil me like I will spoil you.  This is a sugar daddy's dream.

If you are a classy, older gentleman who is the CEO, VP or President of your company, please fill out an email request form:  Include Your Full Name, Your Executive Title, Your Company Name, Your Main Line, Your Personal Desk Line, Your Company Website and Your Company Address. No P.O. BOXES WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A BUSINESS.  I need to know where you work for safety purposes to meet you.  Once I have spoken to you, your email request form will be deleted.  NO P.O BOXES ARE ACCEPTED AS WORK ADDRESSES. 

I am available in Las Vegas.  When you fill out your email request form, I will give you my pix and my number.  If you have any of my DVDs, I will be happy to autograph them.  You take my shopping, wining and dining, and I will take you to places you never thought you could go! 


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